My Fantasy Band® is where you get, give and cash in your Cool Points!

The goal of My Fantasy Band® is to create new ways for you to share, find value in and be rewarded for your creativity and imagination.

How do I get Cool Points?
Anytime you win a show, you win all the votes as Cool Points! Also, whenever other people like the stuff you post on your profile page, they give it a Devil's Horns Up! (Devil's Horns Up!) -- and when other people give you a Devil's Horns Up! (Devil's Horns Up!), you get Cool Points!

How do I give Cool Points?
You give Cool Points by voting for other people in showdowns and also by clicking on the Devil's Horns Up! (Devil's Horns Up!) on another person's music or video player.

How do I cash in Cool Points?
You cash in your Cool Points at the Cool Points Canteen!

If you have any more questions, please check out the Help page.